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After 30 years of experience in corrective and plastic surgery, DR TIZIANO created BIOTIC PHOCEA Laboratories to respond to the medical need for sterile, single use pigments (BioChromaDerm®) compliant with CEIIb European medical standards. This wide range of pigments has become the reference on the French market for corrective and modifying pigments.

The aesthetic range (Permanent MakeUp®) was created in 2000 to respond to the need for the same safety in Permanent Make up. Since this date, BIOTIC PHOCEA has been trying to combat the incalculable factors of this technique through the development of a tattoo machine (Biocea®) adapted to the specific needs of aesthetic and corrective pigments.

Our clients’ satisfaction with our product quality, professionalism and sense of innovation has led them to ask us to develop a range of innovatory, high performance cosmetics. Since 2003, we have placed our medical knowledge at the service of beauty.